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World War II scattered the Tarnowski clan all over the globe.  In August of 1996, thanks to the initiative of Jas Tarnowski from Dzikow (Warsaw, Poland), more than one hundred members of our family gathered in Dzikow for the first time since the end of that calamity.  The inspiration to establish a Family Association was born around a campfire during that Reunion.  Actually it was the brainchild of Mariela Mastrogiovanni (Sao Paolo, Brazil), enhanced by Władysław Tarnowski (Paris, France).  Subsequently the participants proposed that Paul Tarnowski of Dzikow (Ottawa, Canada) develop the Family Association.

Paul took two years to prepare and present the information to the Family and enlist their support.  Thanks to the efforts of Marychna Tarnowska the administrative, legal, and registration procedures were successfully completed at the Regional Court in Warsaw by June 10, 1998 (Reg. #3437). 

On September 24, 1998, the founding members held an assembly in Krakow to nominate the initial Board as follows:

President Pawel Tarnowski Members at Large Arthur Tarnowski (London)
1st Vice President Aleksander Tarnowski Jacek Tarnowski  
2nd Vice President Karol Tarnowski   Jan Spytek Tarnowski     
Secretary Jas Artur Tarnowski   Marcin Tarnowski 
Treasurer Piotr Mycielski   Anna Veuthey
      Monika Wray
      Sophie Caroline de Margerie

The list of registered founding members of the September, 1998, meeting in Krakow is as follows:


Zofia Tarnowska-Moss 

London, England

Marek Tarnowski 

Krakow, Poland

Krystyna Tarnowska

Krakow, Poland

Roza Markowska

London, England

Maria Tarnowska

Sopot, Poland

Aleksander Tarnowski

Sopot, Poland

Wladyslaw Tarnowski

Paris, France

Adam Tarnowski

Krakow, Poland

Juliusz Tarnowski

Krakow, Poland

Maria Teresa Tarnowska

Krakow, Poland

Wladyslaw Tarnowski-Lazarski

Grajow, Poland

Anna Tarnowska-Donimirska

Krakow, Poland

Karol Tarnowski

Krakow, Poland

Pawel Z. Tarnowski

Ottawa, Canada

Dorota Tarnowska

Krakow, Poland

Piotr Mycielski

Krakow, Poland

Zofia Mycielska-Golik

Warsaw, Poland

Maria Tarnowska-Kryzan

Calgary, Canada

Jan A. Tarnowski

Warsaw, Poland

Marychna Tarnowska

Warsaw, Poland

Ada Sandra Tarnowska

Warsaw, Poland

Anna Tarnowska

Warsaw, Poland

Wilek Siemienski

Rawdon, Canada

Jan Spytek Tarnowski

Warsaw, Poland

Ada Tarnowska

Warsaw, Poland

Krystyna Bninska-Jedrzejowicz

Warsaw, Poland

Jadwiga Mycielska-Stachura

Warsaw, Poland

Roza Siemienska

Rawdon, Canada

Izabella Tarnowska

London, England

Marek Tarnowski

Warsaw, Poland

Finally in December, 1998, we rejoiced when the official confirmation was received form the Regional Court in Warsaw that the Association of the Tarnowski Family and its Executive board had been registered and that the Association could begin its activities.

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English translation of the Polish original, containing changes accepted at the General Assembly in Dzikow August 16, 2003 and later registered at the Regional Court in Warsaw on Dec. 22, 2003, Case Number : WA XX NS - REJ.KRS/22764/3/402.

Also containing changes voted at the General Assembly held in Konstancin on August 15, 2008 and later that year registered at the Regional Court in Warsaw.

In addition the Association was issued an identification Number REGON 015647678



“Faithful to God, Country, and Family under the patronage of
Our Madonna of Dzikow, we are establishing
The association of the Tarnowski Family”

A R T I C L E   I



The association bears the name of ASSOCIATION OF THE TARNOWSKI FAMILY, possessing a legal entity, and is referred to further in the constitution as THE ASSOCIATION.



 THE ASSOCIATION is a voluntary union of the members of the Tarnowski family bearing Leliwa as their family crest and wishing:

  1. to maintain and strengthen family ties,

  2. to preserve the traditional and cultural heritage of the Tarnowski family

  3. to engage in social activity for the benefit of the family and Poland



  1. THE ASSOCIATION is active in Poland and its seat is in Warsaw.

  2. THE ASSOCIATION  can also be active abroad in accordance with local legislation.



The activities of THE ASSOCIATION are based on the social participation and voluntary work of its members.  THE ASSOCIATION may hire employees in the course of its activities.




  1.  THE ASSOCIATION can belong to national and international organizations with a similar scope of activities.

  2. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD mandates the decision to belong to such organizations.



 A R T I C L E   I I




The main objectives of THE ASSOCIATION are:


  1. To maintain and strengthen family ties,

  2. To preserve and pass on to the future generations the traditional and cultural heritage as well as the moral values to which the Tarnowski family has always been faithful

  3. To promote social and cultural activities for the benefit of the membership and of Poland.

  4. To assist members of the family in need.




Means to achieve the goals of THE ASSOCIATION:


  1. To maintain an up-to-date family tree and to make it available to the membership.

  2. To maintain an information data bank about the membership, including an address listing in order to facilitate contact among family members.

  3. To organize family encounters, meetings, reunions, and camps, with special emphasis on the young generation.

  4. To publish a journal at least once a year in order to inform the membership about the activities of THE ASSOCIATION and important events in the Family.

  5. To promote and support the publication of family memoirs with historical or cultural value according to financial and other means of THE ASSOCIATION.

  6. To arrange for the care and safeguard of the family’s traditional and cultural heritage, and to assemble the majority of this heritage in one location in Poland for public exhibition.  Items can be left on deposit with, or willed to, THE ASSOCIATION.

  7. Advise members of THE ASSOCIATION in matters related to the reprivatization in Poland by sharing the information available to THE ASSOCIATION on this matter.

  8. Offer bursaries to family members within the means of THE ASSOCIATION.

  9. Offer assistance and care to seniors and ailing family members within the means of THE ASSOCIATION.

  10. Cooperate with similar associations in Poland and abroad.




THE ASSOCIATION can conduct economic activities according to general principles stipulated in a separate document.


A R T I C L E   I I I




THE ASSOCIATION is composed of:

  1.  regular members

  2. associate members

  3. honorary members.



  1. To become a regular member of THE ASSOCIATION, a person must have reached the age of 18 years, be a descendant of Jan Stanislaw Amor Tarnowski from Dzikow (1642-1676), and bear the name “Tarnowski” at birth; or, whose mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother was also a female descendant of Jan Stanislaw Amor Tarnowski bearing the name “Tarnowska” before marriage.  In addition, wives of  regular members, who bear the name Tarnowski/a  can also become regular members.

  2. Associate members in THE ASSOCIATION are:

  1. all other descendants of Jan Stanislaw Amor Tarnowski from Dzikow of the female line not included in Article III (1) , having reached the age of 18 years.

  2. Spouses of regular members not included in Article III (1), or associate members, having reached the age of 18 years.

  3. Legally adopted children of regular or associate members having reached the age of 18 years.


  1. Honorary membership can be bestowed on a person having reached the age of 21 and who has rendered special service to the Tarnowski family or THE ASSOCIATION.




  1. Citizenship and domicile are NOT conditions of membership in THE ASSOCIATION

  2. Eligible Regular and Associate members, wishing to join or renew their membership, are required to submit an application, accompanied with the membership fee.  The fee is set by the Board and published on the website.  It must be paid within 6 months from the beginning of the year following the last General Assembly, meaning by June 30, in the year following the last Assembly, currently by June 30, 2009


  • Seniors (65+) and full-time students (under 25) enjoy a 50% discount.

  • For individuals experiencing financial hardship, the decision can be made by the Executive Board to apply an extraordinary discount

  • The fee mentioned above covers the period covers the period equivalent to the mandate of the Board. (currently 3 years)

  • If needed the Board can change the membership fee


  1. Honorary membership can only be initiated by a regular member, supported by at least three regular members in good standing, and approved by the executive board.

  2. In case of a legal separation, divorce or remarriage of an associate member that joined THE ASSOCIATION through marriage, the Board will decide his/her continued membership.



Cessation of membership occurs:

  1. upon death

  2. by giving written notice

  3. with non-payment of fees during a period that exceeds two consecutive years.

  4. With infringement of the Constitution or through taking part in activities detrimental to THE ASSOCIATION.




All members are entitled to:

  1. participate in General Assemblies, Family meetings, and all activities of THE ASSOCIATION.

  2. suggest, initiate and take part in constitutional activities of THE ASSOCIATION.

  3. benefit from the privileges, the assistance, initiatives and projects of THE ASSOCIATION.

  4. receive all the documentation issued by and pertaining to THE ASSOCIATION.


Each member should:

  1. protect the Constitution and support actively the goals of THE ASSOCIATION.

  2. support the initiatives, projects and activities of THE ASSOCIATION.

  3. support the resolutions taken by the Executive Board

  4. protect the honour and integrity of the Family and THE ASSOCIATION.

  5. Contribute regularly the fees as prescribed (with exception of Honorary Members).




  1. Regular and Associate members have the right to vote at General Assemblies and participate in the election of members to the Executive Board.

  2. Only regular members can sit on the Executive Board.

  3. Regular and Associate members are encouraged to take part in General Assemblies and to take advantage of their voting privileges.  If a member finds it impossible to attend a General Assembly, he can vote by proxy; however, each member can only represent three members by proxy.

  4. A member cannot act on behalf of THE ASSOCIATION without previously obtaining authorization to this effect from the EXECUTIVE BOARD.


A R T I C L E   I V





Empowerment within THE ASSOCIATION:

  1. The general Assembly

  2. The Executive Board

  3. Auditing Commission





  1. The General Assembly represents the ultimate authority and the final step in the appeal process of  THE ASSOCIATION.

  2. At the general Assembly, regular and associate members participate with a vote, while the Honorary members have an advisory voice only.

  3. The Executive board should convene the General Assembly at least once during its mandate

  4. The General Assembly can also be convened as a result of a resolution by the  Auditing Commission, or as a result of a written resolution supported by at least one quarter of the regular members of THE ASSOCIATION.  The Executive Board must call the General Assembly within three months of having received such a resolution.

  5. The location, date, and purpose of the General Assembly is established by the Executive Board, which advises all members in writing at least three months prior to the date of the Assembly.

  6. The General Assembly takes decisions according to the normal majority of votes.  However, any changes to the Constitution or decisions relating the dissolution of THE ASSOCIATION require two-thirds of eligible votes.

  7. At least half of the membership eligible to vote (including by proxy) are necessary for a quorum. In the case where an insufficient number of members are present to constitute quorum, a 15 minute break will take place; after which the assembly will reconvene and the members present at that General Assembly will constitute quorum.

  8. Procedures for voting by mail, fax, or electronically, can be introduced and established by the Executive Board.



Responsibilities of the General Assembly:

  1. Elect the President and the Executive Board.

  2. Elect the Auditing Commission

  3. Receive and review reports presented by the Executive Board and its committees, and vote on recommendations.

  4. Confirm the Budget.

  5. Accept the plan of action.

  6. Dissolution of the Executive Board

General Assembly takes decisions according to the normal majority of votes; however a vote to change the constitution or to dissolve the Association, including disposition of assets, requires 2/3 of the votes.




  1. The Executive Board administers and manages the activities of THE ASSOCIATION, represents it in all negotiations and takes decisions on its behalf, including financial.

  2. The Board is elected for a three-year term. 

  3. Nominations

    1. At the outset of it's last year in office, the board nominates an Election Committee who's goal is to establish a complete list of eligible candidates for the Board, to be elected at the next General Assembly.  The list must be presented to the Board 30 days prior to the General Assembly.  The election committee is composed of a chair person and two members nominated from the Board.

    2. The new Board is elected at the General Assembly from the list submitted by the Election Committee or from candidates nominated from the floor during the General Assembly.

  4. Candidates on the Board must be chosen from the Regular Members,  21 years and over, without consideration to their citizenship or domicile, as long as they have the support of at least three regular members in good standing.  The President and 50% of the Board members must bear the name Tarnowski.

  5. The Board consists of a president, two vice presidents (one residing in Poland) a treasurer, a secretary and from two to eight members at large.

  6. All decisions of the Board are taken in the presence of the President (or his replacement) and at least four members of the Board.  In case of a deadlock, the president casts the deciding vote. 

  7. The Board can only be represented at large by two of it's members one of which must be the president or his/her replacement.




The scope of the Board’s responsibilities includes: 

  1. Realization of the Association goals as approved by the General Assembly.

  2. Reasonable and prudent management of the Association assets by collecting and administering its financial resources which includes provision of financing for the Association activities and projects as well as decisions concerning economic activities of the Association.

  3. Resolving all matters dealing with the membership.

  4. Development and maintenance of a communication and information system for members, including a current genealogy of the Tarnowski family with Leliwa as their crest.

  5. Publication of a family newsletter at least once a year.

  6. Nomination of committees as required.




  1. The objective of the Auditing Commission is to ascertain that the Executive Board adhere to its mandate.

  2. The General Assembly elects the Auditing Commission from regular members 21 years of age and not serving on the Executive Board.

  3. The Auditing Commission comprises from three to five members, who elect a chairperson, a substitute, and a secretary.

  4. The Auditing Commission takes decisions, according to the normal majority of votes in the presence of its chair or substitute.




The scope of the auditing Commission includes:


  1. Verification and assessment of the activities of the Executive Board.

  2. Presentation of reports on its activities at the General Assembly.

  3. Discharging the outgoing Executive Board of its mandate.


A R T I C L E   V



 Included in the estate of THE ASSOCIATION are moveable and immoveable properties as well as capital.



  1. Sources for funding of THE ASSOCIATION are:

  1. Income form membership fees.

  2. Donations, bequests, and inheritances.

  3. Income from the activities of THE ASSOCIATION

  4. Revenues from the estate of THE ASSOCIATION

  5. Income from the economic activity of THE ASSOCIATION

  1. Revenues from activities of THE ASSOCIATION are directed towards achieving its goals and cannot be used for personal profit by any individual member.  However, legitimate expenses incurred by members as approved by the Executive Board are admissible.



For legal documents and financial transactions, the signatures of two members of the Executive Board are required:  either that of the president, the vice-president, or the treasurer and one other member of the Executive Board.  In financial matters, the signature of the treasurer is mandatory.


A R T I C L E   V I




  1. Motions concerning amendments to the constitution and/or dissolution of THE ASSOCIATION require a two-thirds majority vote at a General Assembly having a legitimate quorum.

  2. A motion of dissolution must specify the manner in which the estate will be dissolved and apportioned. 



 Confirmation of Registration by the Provincial Court in Warsaw: 

Act VII Ns Rej St 728/98.

Name of Judge:  SSW Maria Fronczak




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Current Board: January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2018  
President: Paweł Jan Tarnowski
Honorary President: Paweł Zdzisław Tarnowski (Dzików / Kanada)
1st Vice President: Karol (Bratek) Tarnowski (Chorzelów / Polska) Newsletter: Marta i Paweł Taranczewscy (Malinie / Polska)
2nd Vice President: Rosabelle Tarnowska (Dzików / Polska) Dzikow Affairs: Jan Artur Tarnowski
(Dzików / Polska)
Secretary: Natalia Tarnowska
(Rudnik / Polska)
Facebook: Maria (Marylka) Bnińska
(Warsawa /Polska)
Treasurer: Jan Michał Tarnowski (Chorzelów / Polska) Web Master: Open
Youth Representative: Maria (Maryncia)Tarnowska
(Dzików / Polska)
Members at Large: Jan Spytek Tarnowski
(Rudnik / Polska)
Auditing Committee:

Elżbieta („Bisia”) Łastowiecka 
Tomek Tarnowski (Końskie / Polska)
Marek Tarnowski (Rudnik / Polsk


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*A Regular Member is over 18 years old:

  • male descendant of Jan Stanislaw Amor Tarnowski from Dzikow (1642-1676) bearing the name Tarnowski at birth

  • female married to a Tarnowski male 

  • female whose mother, grandmother or great-grandmother was a descendant of Jan Stanislaw Amor Tarnowski from Dzikow and bore the name Tarnowski/a before marriage


*An Associate Member is over 18 years old:

  • descendant of Jan Stanislaw Amor Tarnowski who does not qualify for Regular membership

  • spouse of an Associate or Regular member not bearing the name Tarnowski/a  

  • legally adopted children of Regular and Associate members


*Regular and Associate members are required to submit a membership application
 with the appropriate fee to the closest representative, and to renew his/her membership every three years (Current Membership includes the period from 1 January 2013, to 31 December 2015).

click here to get your Membership application
Once on screen to print just click on the printer icon
  (adobe reader required)

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January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015

R e g u l a r   M e m b e r s

Country Full Fee *Discounted rate
USA $140US $70 US
Poland 400 zl 200 zl
France 90 euro 45 euro
Britain 80Ł 40Ł
Canada $140 Can $70 Can

*Discounted rate applies to seniors (65+) and students  under 25



Associate   M e m b e r s

Country Full Fee *Discounted rate
USA $100 US $50 US
Poland 280 zl 140 zl
France 60 euro 30 euro
Britain 50Ł 25Ł
Canada $100 Can $50 Can

*Discounted rate applies to seniors (65+) and students  under 25


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Honorary Member is:

An Honorary membership can be bestowed on a person having reached the age of 21, who has rendered special services to the Tarnowski Family or to the Association.  Such a membership can only be initiated by a Regular member and must be supported by three other Regular members in good standing and approved by the Executive Board.


Membership Benefits:

Upon joining each  new member receives a silver medallion with the Family crest on one side and the Dzikow Madonna on the other, a CD containing the detailed family genealogy, an address book of the Tarnowski Family, and his/her name is added to the distribution list for the newsletter. 

When in doubt about membership matters, please refer to
Article III of the Constitution, or contact
Paul Tarnowski at pawel@rodtarnowski.com


Current Membership List
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Last updated on 01 May, 2016