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The database of the Tarnowski Family and their relatives consist now of some 6500 persons, over 3000 basic families and close to 750 photographs. The information is set up according to the Tarnowski Association needs, so as to show also many relationships with all the other great Polish-Lituanian-Russian families.

The ideal way to view the genealogy, is to simply track down the wanted personís name in the alphabetical index and upon clicking it once, open its closest basic family page represented by the smallest unit in each generation (parents/children) ... Clicking on the underlined names, opens up further levels of the family/pages, moving up or down the tree on the male or female side so as to view other ancestors or descendants.

Individuals are shown with their first and last names, coats of arms and titles (if known) as well as with other private data (if known and in the database). Many of the ancestors, not only among the Tarnowskis but also from the other families, have short multilingual biographies, which can be accessed simply by clicking the [see notes] sign, located at the end of the name line (if such a biographical note is in the database).

The genealogy is really a common biography of our families. To keep it alive, up to date and pass it honorably to our descendants, itís important to send quickly and accurately all the family changes and any new photographs (format.jpg) to my e-mail address,   pawel@rodtarnowski.com  but its updating will be done only periodically.

Legal notice:  

For the protection of children, their photos are excluded from the genealogy.

Theft or any illegal use of personal data is a crime. The Tarnowski Family Association does not assume any responsibility for the consequences of an illegal use of personal data by any unauthorized individuals.


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Last updated on 19 March, 2012